FIBC Jumbo/Bulk bags

For FIBC bags, we have a dedicated a separate shade that:

  • is fully air-conditioned

  • has shining epoxy coated floors and

  • glass walls

These allow us to operate us in a dust free clean and hygienic environment positioning us well to beleading exporter for BULK JUMBO FIBC bags.

fibc baffle.jpg

Baffle bags

Benefits of baffle engineering:

  • Maximum shipping/container optimization

  • Exceptional stacking capabilities

  • Optimizes the amount of product stored

  • Ideal for low density products

fibc 4-panel.jpg

4-panel bags

Benefits of 4-panel engineering:

  • Enhanced square appearance

  • Optional side panel discharge

  • Versatile discharge options such as cone bottom, full open, funnel, or trunk.

fibc circular.jpg

Circular bags

Benefits of circular engineering:

  • Less stress areas with reduced amount of seams

  • Attractive appearance due to no side seams

  • Good for fine particles that sift

  • Improved moisture resistance

fibc type d anti-static.jpg

Type-D Anti-static bags

Benefits of Type D Anti-static engineering:

  • No grounding

  • Safe discharge and fill in explosive environment

  • Versatile design options

fibc type c groundable.jpg

Type-C Groundable bags

Benefits of Type C Groundable engineering:

  • Safe discharge in explosive environments where MIE of 3 mJ or less are present

  • Stainless steel and carbon-loaded construction

  • Resistant from any location of the bulk bag to the ground < 10 7 ohm charge to ground.

fibc u-panel.jpg

U-Panel bags

Benefits of U-panel engineering:

  • Superior strength holding heavy weight

  • Less stress areas on bag bottom

  • Square appearance due to vertical side seems

  • Good for fine products that sift

We offer customisation solutions that allow you to choose the top, bottom and the loops of the bag according to your needs:

Top customisations:





Oversized funnel

Bottom customisations:





Oversized funnel

Loop customisations:







PP/HDPE woven sacks

PP (Polypropylene) woven bags or woven PP bags are plastic woven bag primarily made of polypropylene, are widely used for material packing for

  • fertilizer,

  • cement,

  • sand,

  • food grains,

  • sugar,

  • cattle feed

  • and many other industries.


PP woven bags/sacks have the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistant, tear resistant and wide variety of usage. These sacks allow sufficient passage of air to the packed items and ensure the phenomenon of ‘breathing’ space in packed grains. These moisture proof PP woven sacks are perfect for packing of rice, spices, flour, fertilizers, sugar, agro products and other materials.

SMVD Polypack LTD. is one of the leading Polypropylene (PP) bags and fabric manufacturer in India and a leading exporter in the international market. We offer our customers great value in terms of quality, delivery schedules and, of course, competitive price. Our range includes bags with the following options-

  1.  Lamination – matt and glossy with BOPP sandwich coating also

  2. Printing- 4 color print with corona treatment and inside gusset also

  3. Liner- Inserted liner with or without top hem

  4. Valve- cements bags or laminated bags with valve for material filling


BOPP bags

BOPP bags have a multicoloured coating of BOPP printed films on PP fabric.


Leno bags


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